The greatest love story of all time is contained in a tiny white host.

— Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen


We have spoken in the past about the spiritual union shared by all the baptized, the union which is the Mystical Body of Christ. Christ by his Life, Death, and Resurrection won for us our salvation. Because of this, we are united not only to the Holy Trinity but we are also united to each baptized person on earth. In this section we encourage the readers to send us their prayer requests so that we, the League, may pray for those who are in need, and so may those who receive the Newsletter. 


    Miracles are wrought through prayer, according to God’s Will. May He bless us and protect us from all evil.


    Please mail and/or email us your prayer requests. Each month we will publish the names of your intentions so that all of our faithful readers may unite with one another in praying for the world. We will also keep a list with us so that we will remember your intentions during our time before the Blessed Sacrament [during Matins, Laudes, Holy Hour, Vespers, and Compline]. 


For the Pope, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Religious, and Seminarians


+Pope Francis

+Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

+Cardinal Burke

+Archbishop Sample

+Archbishop Gomez

+Archbishop Cordilione

+Bishop Wall

+Bishop Garcia

+Bishop Rojas

+Bishop Barnes

+Bishop Del Riego

+Abbot Eugene, O. Pream.


Fr. Charles Lueras, C.R.I.C.

Fr. Hildebrand, O. Pream.

Fr. Reginal Wolford, O.P.

Fr. William Ustaski, C.R.I.C.

Fr. Joachim Blonski

Fr. Dan Kassis

Fr. Nathanial Block

Fr. Jerry Thompson

Fr. Cristobal Subosa

Fr. Ian Hollick

Fr. Daniel Seo

Fr. Martin Vu

Fr. David Allen

Fr. Tyler Harris

Fr. Justin Oh

Fr. John Boyle

Fr. Eric Andersen

Fr. Michael Masteller

Fr. Mark Bentz

Fr. Luan Tran

Fr. John Sauter

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato

Fr. Michael Passo FSSP

Fr. Federico Masutti FSSP

Fr. Joseph Portzer FSSP 

Deacon Jorge Tellez

Deacon Andres Rivera

Deacon Michael 

Deacon Ron Chavez

Deacon Manuel


Sister Leanne Hubbard

Sister Regina 


The Sacred Heart Sisters

The Carmalite Sisters in Alhambra

The Norbertine Sisters in Tehachapi

The Good Shepherd Sisters

The Dominican Sisters of Nashville

The Missionary Sisters of St. Dominic

The Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist


Seminarians of: 

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles

The Diocese of San Bernardino

The Diocese of Monterey

The Diocese of Gallup

The Diocese of Portland


For Holy Mother Church, that her children may be loyal to her teachings,

and that they may be emboldened to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.


For Our Families, Friends, and Benefactors


Andrade Family

Curtis Family

Faris Family

Hezmalhalch Family

Padilla Family

Ribaya Family

Seeley Family

Jessica and  Family

Torrez Family

McCann Family 

Prush Family

Perkins Family

Hernandez Family

Bill & Cindy Lowrance

Keith Hezmalhalch

Susan Godfrey

David Schoenstein

Nathan Shcoenstein

Grumbine Family

Dunn Family

Grace and Bernard

Ofelia & Patrick 

Elvia & Coco

Paul & Janice

Lourdes & Richard

Lisa Faris

David Faris

Kevin & Kumi Faris

Brian & Lauren Faris

Bob & Laura Higgins

Bryan & Karen Yorksmith

​Angie & Pat


Teresa & Joe




Tracy & Chriss

Paul & Christine




Reina & Jose






Richard and Marylin Bose

Danny, Heather & Teddy Velasco

Mrs. Salazar


The Legion of Mary of Saint John’s

The Apostolate of the Little Flower in Concho

Daughters and Sons of the Lamb


Paula Sedillo

Panda Causey

Sarrah Castillo

Cambria Quinn

Jennifer Heslip

Marie Freeman

Christina Verdugo

Carrie Jones

Stephanie Garguilo

Julie Kittle

Samaria Mallow

Chrissy Greer

Geraldine Ryan

Agnes Miller

Sarasheena Gishi

For All of Those Who Have Asked for Our Prayers



Asher Keith

Brent Keith

Whilton Keith

Stacy Keith

Steven Keith

Nancy Keith

Michael Keith

Brent Keith

Brandon Skinner

Mary Hope Skinner

Nick Mitchell

Mazonet Mitchell

Copeland Mitchell

Ann Elizabeth Wells

Colline Wells

Cathy Freeman

Michael Robert 


Luis & Lupe Velasco & Family

Stephanie Comstock & Casey

Nick Romero & Ashley Swarts

The special intentions of Julian Simplicio

Luis & Lupe Velasco & Family


Michael Comstock & Casey

Nick Romero & Ashley Swarts

Nancy Reyes and Child

Lucia Isone

Audrey & Larry Tucker

Sarah & Tobi Castillo

Cambria & Dillan Quinn

Carrie Jones

Paula Sedillo

Jim & Trix Staffnik

David & Randi Mattox

Humberto & Martha

Maria Carranza & Family

Alexander Roman

Derek Roman

Cristina Roman

Victor Morales

Susana Morales

Rosalinda Aguilar

Stacy Alfaro

Adrian Sanchez

Silvia Rodriguez

Angela Martinez

Fabiola Manzo

Amelia Esparza

Julian Fernandes

Auguilar Family

Ruiz Family

Freeman Family

De la Torre Family

Cordova Family

Avalos - Avila Family

Kenny Circuts

Robby & Kingston

Dawn Rickets

Munoz & Arroyo Family

Robert Kirschmann & Family




Mr. Reed

Derius’ Aunty









Idris’ dad

Zanes Family

Walter Walter

Koah’s Great Grandfather

Sebastian & Nono

Alexis’ Family

Bohdi’s Family

Casandra’s Family




Alianas Dad

Chrisee Greer

Lincoln’s Mom

Michael & Christine

Great Grandma Tolona

Jr’s Family

Alexa’s Family

Imelda Rose and Children


For all the youth of the world, that they may find God, and allow themselves to found by Him, who is always calling them to Himself.


For the Poor, the Sick, and the Suffering



Art & Lennore


Deacon Filomeno & Jen





Carlos & Irma Acosta 

Pierre & Susy Esquire

Tami Bearden

Ashley Tapparo

Pierre and Susie


Roberta Lercero


Manuel Ramirez

Dorothy Bailey


For the people of the Ukraine, that there may be peace in their country.


For Our Beloved Dead and the Holy Souls in Purgatory


+Nena & Nono

+Vincent Padilla Sr.

+Vincent Padilla Jr.

+JoAnn Seeley

+Angel Vizcarra

+Chon Vizcarra

+Sylvia Schwartzkopf

+Jenine Munir

+Aiden Schoenstein

+Marele Rose Lerma

+Dominic Ramirez

+ Bert Lauda

+Elmo Thibodeaux Jr.

+Bill Mikus

+Johnny Amaro


For all of the babies in the womb, and those who have been aborted.


All of Those Who have Asked for Our Prayers


The Parishes of:


San Rafael

St. John the Evangelist

St. Rita

Our Lady of the Snow

Our Lady of the Assumption

St. Sebastian

Our Lady of Guadalupe

St. Anthony

St. Stephen

St. Francis Xavier Cabrini

St. Adelied 

St. Patrick

Mater Misericordiae


The Schools of:


St. Anthony School

St. Sebastian School

St. Hyacinth School

St. Mary's School


For those entering into the Church this Easter


Cambria Quinn

David Mattox

Randi Mattox

Roy De la Torre

Jorge Ivan De la Torre

Ray De la Torre

Blue Jones

Liliana & Marlene Campos

Kayelee Severin

Mike Wheeler

Samantha Hall

Loy Hall

Alliah Hall

Fred Brown

Lee Windward

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