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    The Faithful Luminary is the official publication of the League of the Blessed Sacrament. The articles are mainly written by the members of the Blessed Sacrament, though lay members of the Catholic Faithful also write articles from time to time. The name of the periodical, The Faithful Luminary, divulges the reason for the creation of every article contained within. We desire to faithfully shed light upon the timeless truths of the Catholic Faith and make the Sacred Traditions and Teachings of the Church accessible to as many people as possible.

    Though there are many different sources for Catholic education and information, many are either too erudite to be understood, or do not consistently adhere to the Church’s perennial teachings. Though we do not purport to be the experts in any field, we do endeavor to present clear and honest teaching and information. We accomplish this through personal experience and relationship. As our readers learn more about the aspects of the Faith that we hold dear, they grow to understand our journey to be faithful to Christ and His Church. Periodically, there will be articles focused on different members of the community, thus allowing for a deeper relationship to grow.

    For instance, the sections on Catholic Culture and discernment are relational in different but connected ways. The Catholic Culture series of articles focuses on various aspects of the Church’s life, which connect our readers with Catholics throughout time. Some of these are historical and some are focused on present day Catholic practices. Through this section, our readers are able to relate with our Church, western culture, our parish, Church history, and other Catholics. Without knowing where our traditions came from and why we do what we do at Mass, in the liturgy, on holidays, etc. we are not able to own our Faith fully or to give it to others who are seeking the Truth.

    The section on discernment is relational in that it can help us discern our relationship with God. Our God-given vocation is something that all of us must pray about, talk about, and seek. The Church provides us with various tools to find our vocation but ultimately our relationships with the Church, with one another, and with God reveal who we are called to be. Since the law of prayer is the law of belief (lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi), our understanding of the liturgy and Catholic culture will assist our readers in discernment of their vocation. 

    Other sections in the newsletter will, of course, appeal to different people but all the articles were written with the desire to cultivate relationships with our community as well as Holy Mother the Church. Our Newsletter, first and foremost, is a ministry to the world to advance the One, True, Catholic Faith. Our second goal is to connect with you, our readers, and to humbly ask that you consider supporting our work and community life. Though our Newsletter is a ministry, it does require monetary support. Our community sustains itself mainly from the support of our League Associates, donors, and benefactors.

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