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Christmas in Concho

     Christmas in Concho came about from a desire to actively provide for the poor and needy of the village of Concho and the wider White Mountain area. Christmas, for many, is a time of joy and blessing, but for those who have little, this time of year can be a season of uncertainty and disappointment; for parents and children alike. Our community wanted to do something that could help parents give their children something during this season and also have an opportunity to teach the children about the real reason we celebrate the 25th of December. 


     We decided to provide a meal not on one day but on two nights so those who needed a meal could handle at least two evenings. We also wanted to give children an opportunity to meet and talk with Saint Nichols, the inspiration for our secular Santa Clause. We also allowed the wider catholic community to partner with us in collecting toys and clothes for children, teens, and adults. The event would be free and would be open to any and all who desired to come. This being our first year, we were unsure exactly how many families and children we would have come, but any that did come would be welcome.


     Saint Nicholas sat with every child (and those young at heart who just wanted to have a chat with him). Parents commented during the event on how wonderful it was that Saint Nicholas spent so much time with each child and made them feel truly special and listened to! Each child was asked if they listened to their parents, were good in school, and said their prayers before bed. After some more questions, each child was given several gifts. The parents who most likely were unsure of how they were going to come up with gifts for their children for Christmas were extremely grateful.

   We would also like to thank all of the volunteers and all of those who donated toys, food, clothes, and money. Thank you for making this event possible. 

     Planning for next years has already begun, if you would like to support this project please contact us or make a donation here.

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